"DAS" - Transmembrane Prediction server

For brief description of the method read the abstract.

Please cite: M. Cserzo, E. Wallin, I. Simon, G. von Heijne and A. Elofsson: Prediction of transmembrane alpha-helices in procariotic membrane proteins: the Dense Alignment Surface method; Prot. Eng. vol. 10, no. 6, 673-676, 1997

The DAS server will predict transmembrane regions of a query sequence. Enter your query protein sequence into the text area below and submit it to the server. The sequence should be in one letter code.

(Use protein sequence only!)

The calculation takes typically a minute or two. The window will be 
blank meanwhile.  

Send your comments to cserzo@imp.univie.ac.at

A new version of DAS is availabel from http://mendel.imp.univie.ac.at/sat/DAS/DAS.html